Women at war & Uniforms (Torture & Cannibalism)

 Avenge the Armada!
Courtesy of AiHanMing

 "Avenge the Armada!" is a commission I made for AiHanMing.
After the Victory in the Spanish Civil War, the Spanish have conquered England. The Spanish Inquisition is now running the country with the help of English Catholic collaborators.


 Confederate private mortally wounded

España Liberada
Courtesy of AiHanMing
The action takes place during the Spanish Civil War. We are in Villanueva de las Altas Torres, some place in Andalucía. The village is in the battlefront front and changed of hands several times throughout the day. The story unfolds in 24 hours.
01 Morning, in the yard of a modest home. The leftist students try to convince people to take up arms. The leftist propagandists not welcome in Villanueva de las Altas Torres. The Duchess of Altas Torres, helped by the Guardia Civil, suppresses annoying visits.
02 The anarchist take the village. Main courtyard of the palace of the Duchesse of Altas Torres. Some landowners are captured.
03 The falangists take the village. In the garden of the palace of  Dña María de las Verdes Vegas, a very rich landowner, some anarchist are executed.
04 The communist take the village. In the old Roman bridge at the entrance of the village,  thrown into the river some captives.
05 The carlistes take the village. In the Huerta de San Julián, a cortijo near to village, is time to revenge.
06 The brigadist take the village. The landowners seduce the brigadist to save the carlists.
07 The late afternoon. Arrives the army of the south. In a dirt road, the captives are executed.
08 The next day in the morning. In the cortijo of the Duchess of Altas torres. A new day, a new Spain.
Declin and fall of the Italian Republic
(The barbarian invasions)

Women at war. The italian campaign.1916

War posters





  1. Brilliant! Especially the color one. Would have loved an English translation, too.

  2. Hello, you can have an english translation on my blog (I'm the commissioner and a great fan of Tam's art)

    1. Hi Radberto, I tried to go to your page, but I wasn't able to get past the warning page you had written. How do I get in? Thanks!


  3. Excellent work! I like the sexy bayonets into bellies! Can you do mass executions this theme ?